The Vortex Concierge Call Center by Medical Marketing Solutions:

The Vortex Concierge Call Center Solution provides you with a 24/7 live professional sales associate who will answer all prospect call ins and make outbound calls to convert them to live, qualified consultations.

No more worrying about who answers the phones, if they answer the phone and what is or isn’t being said.

Inbound calls from prospects are your HOTTEST leads. In a world of texting and emailing, getting the phone to ring to speak to live prospects is invaluable. Even more important is who is answering the phones.

Is your staff trained and developed to ask the prospect the right questions, obtain their critical demographic information and convert the call into a consultation?

Your leads and prospects are the lifeline of your business and need to be handled accordingly. Until now, you have been relying on front desk or medical staff to answer phones, respond to web inquiries and book prospects for consults or treatments.

Call today to for more information on The first of its kind, full-service Concierge Call Center built specifically for Private Pay Medical Practices. 888-292-1147

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