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Turbo Charged MD is a podcast that focuses on the business side of medical practices, from transitioning from traditional medicine to creating and operating a higher revenue and profit-driven entity.

Private Pay and Concierge Medicine are one of the fastest-growing industries in the United States. We will help you understand the complexities of the “business” side of medicine, diving deep into marketing, sales, operations, and financial management.

Rich Force, your host, and his medical/business professional guests will truly help you Turbo Charge Your Practice!

Medical Marketing Solution
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Medical Practice Success Guide for 2021

On this episode of Turbo Charged MD, we briefly look back at 2020 and assess our accomplishments and challenges. We then look ahead at the upcoming year, 2021, and discuss the key strategies to ensure you are on the correct success path.  Elements of this success path includes:

Reflecting back on 2020 for success clues and how you overcame challenges. Having a written strategy for 2021 with goals and performance metrics in mind. Making sure your website is a great online representation of your physical practice. The importance of your Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and how to organically increase your online visibility.  Converting prospects to patients.  Accountability. Inspecting what you expect.


What to expect when you get a lead and how to convert them to patients.

On this episode of Turbo Charged MD we discuss what is perhaps the lifeblood of your practice, leads, and the reasons that they can be easy to handle or frustrating and baffling at other times. We cover:

What is a lead by definition? Who are we trying to attract in our lead generation programs? Lead form submissions vs. call in? When is the best time to contact a lead? How much follow up does a lead require? Why don’t people answer their phones if the inquired for information?  Lead Conversion strategies. 

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Turbo Lead Generator: Private Pay Practice Lead Generation program

On this episode of Turbo Charged MD we will discuss our breakthrough Lead Generation program, The Turbo Lead Generator. Lead generation is the crux of fueling any private pay medical practice revenues. There are lots of “expert” lead generation companies who fall short on driving highly responsive, “qualified” leads. There is a lot of skill required in matching potential patients with medical specialists who serve their local community. 


SEO: The Bedrock of Your Digital Strategy

On this episode of Turbo Charged MD we discuss the importance of having a great SEO plan and service. SEO is the bedrock of your digital strategy and is a must-have for your medical practice!

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How To Convert Prospects Into Patients

In this episode of Turbo Charged MD, we will discuss how to convert a prospect into a new patient. Many private pay medical practices offer life-changing treatments and programs. If you find yourself or your team struggling to convert your leads into paying patients, you are not alone. 


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Medical Practice SEO
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How A Concierge Call Center Can Increase Your Revenues and Profits

On this episode of Turbo Charged MD we discuss the benefits of retaining the services of a Concierge Call Center to handle your inbound and outbound prospecting and conversions. If you are relying on your front desk to convert calls or web inquiries into live consultations, you may be spinning your wheels, especially if you are not monitoring their activities. The Concierge Call Center is your virtual sales team!


Capturing Practice Market Share From Your Competition

In this episode of Turbo Charged MD, we discuss how to capture market share from your competitors during the Corona Virus Economy. 

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Best Small Investments To Make in Your Medical Practice During Lean Times

On this episode of Turbo Charged MD, we discuss suggested small investments and adjustments you can make in your medical practice as many private pay practices are experiencing a slow down due to Covid-19.

Your phones are not ringing like they usually do, patients are cancelling appointments and new prospects are not calling or submitting leads. What do you do? Don’t panic!


Interview with Donna White, Founder, BHRT Training Academy

On this episode of Turbo Charged MD we sat down and chatted with Donna White, the founder of the BHRT Training Academy.

Donna is the author of The Hormone Makeover book, has built 4 very successful BHRT practices and is an internationally known speaker. She is the founder of the BHRT Training Academy. 

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Scheduling Consultations that SHOW!

In this episode of Turbo Charged MD we discuss the most effective ways to set up medical consultations that result in the highest show %.

One of the most frustrating aspects of scheduling an appointment for a prospective new patient is when they don’t show up. You are prepared for their visit, you have time set aside and then, NO SHOW. On this episode we discuss increasing show %’s

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