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From Clicks to Sales – Converting Prospects Into Patients

Our Turbo Charge program offers instant results through highly targeted campaigns. Our comprehensive digital approach and advanced conversion strategy creates a 24×7 sales channel for your practice.

This Lead Generation Program is designed by keeping ROI in mind and enables your practice to generate quality leads for a lucrative return on investment.

No Contract

No Setup Fee

Immediate Results

Only $35 Per Lead

Attract, Engage, Convince, and Convert.

The Turbo Charge Lead Generation Program is a strategic and cyclic approach to not only get lead but also convert leads into patients.

We have conducted extensive research & in-depth analysis to determine the target audience for each treatment type and have optimized the turbo charge landing pages to offer maximum conversions.

But how is it different than any other program?

Creating your own custom lead generation program costs thousands of dollars in research, planning, development, set-up campaigns, executing, A-B testing, and ongoing optimization. We solved this problem for practices with Turbo Charge Lead Generation Program, a turnkey solution to launch advanced private medical pay practices lead generation programs.

Precise Engineering

Our designers and developers use their data-driven approach and extensive research & in-depth analysis of the target audience to determine which landing page elements are meaningful for the target audience.

Custom Landing Pages

Our Team is detail & process-oriented, diligent, and data-driven to achieve more conversions.
We perform landing page optimization for the highest degree of personalization and maximum conversions.

Accurate Targeting

We grab the attention of your target audience and make them take action. Our experts deploy a tailored and performance-driven marketing strategy to drive qualified leads and sales. 

Immediate Results

Our Turbo Charge Lead Generation program is one of its kind lead generation program that has the potential to generate immediate and high-quality leads for your practice.

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What Doctors Are Saying About Turbo Charge Lead Generation Program!

As a Regenerative Practice consultant, I work with many medical providers across the nation. Most of them need help with marketing and getting appointments set for them. The feedback I have received from clients about the services of Rich , Gal and his team has been amazing. This company goes above and beyond and their approach is very practical as they are combining the SEO and Digital presence with the people skills to make the most of your marketing investment. I highly recommend calling them and their services!

Cheryl Foster

MMS has turned our practice around. In addition to delivering and exceeding call center service expectations, Richard has gone beyond duty by acting as a marketing and strategy consultant and a friend. Sometimes it feels as if they are shareholders in the practice as they show a personal investment in our success.

Jordi Arimany

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You can also add the Vortex Concierge Call Center to Convert leads into potential customers.

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