Your medical practice depends on a healthy influx of patients. Just like any business, it’s important to build a strong online presence. Patients in your area are searching for treatments and services that you offer at this very moment. If your website isn’t properly optimized to capture those valuable leads, you’re missing out on their business.

Marketing your medical clinic used to just mean dropping an ad in Yellow Pages or telling a friend and asking them to pass it along.

Things are slightly different now. Statistics show that about 55% of patients are using search engines like Google to find the best medical practice near them. Even the older population has started embracing this trend with 27% of people between 55 and 64 years of age using a search engine to find a good medical practitioner.

How do you capture this crowd?

That’s our cue! Medical Marketing Solutions is an online medical marketing services company in Florida, with the expertise to generate interest in products and services relating to age management, sexual wellness and regenerative medicine for both men and women.

The Importance of SEO for Your Medical Practice

To attract all the new patients who don’t know about you yet, Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is an essential tool in your online marketing campaign. Good SEO marketing for medical clinics like yours helps you stay ahead of the competition and turn website visitors into patients.

Did you know; Nearly 80% of people don’t bother to look past the first page of Google. If you don’t work on your website rankings, you lose out on this crowd.

SEO is a great practice to turn qualified leads into patients for your medical clinic. Let’s say a user were to type “ED medical clinic in Florida” into Google. If your website is well optimized for this keyword, you’ll show up on the first page. That’s a huge visibility boost and (possibly) a brand new patient for you!

You’ll, of course, need to implement an extensive list of SEO best practices to show up on the top of search results. Showing up at the top isn’t enough. You’ll then need to follow that up with good on-site practices to create a compelling pitch for the visitor, thereby turning their casual interest in your products into a conversion!

The key benefits of a good SEO package for your medical clinic;

– Improved search engine visibility

– Higher rankings translate to improved credibility in the user’s mind

– Lowered patient acquisition charges as digital marketing is often less expensive than traditional marketing

– A better ROI as SEO rewards your business with more qualified leads than other forms of advertising

The Essentials of an Optimized Website

At Medical Marketing Solutions, our SEO tools are created to make sure your website is properly indexed, linked and searchable on the internet. Although we leverage paid campaigns to boost your visibility, or primary mission is to get you to rank well organically. How do we do this?

Secure and Accessible Website

We assess whether Google is able to visit your URL and easily crawl and index it. It’s also strongly recommended to obtain an SSL certificate for your website to improve on-site security – another positive indicator for Google.

Fast Loading Speed

Page speed has been cited as one of the main SEO indicators that improve rankings. This includes desktop and mobile device loading speeds. To boost this speed, you want to keep your website clutter-free, optimize images, reduce 301 redirects, cache your pages, and more.

Content Optimized

SEO is all about using the right keywords, namely keywords that are powerful and relevant; enough to generate a qualified interest in your medical practice.

The keywords you use will depend on what your target audience is searching for on Google. Search intent is very important in this equation. You need to research and analyze keywords to understand exactly what it is potential patients are typing into Google.

Ready to Take Your Medical Practice to the Top?

Medical Marketing Solutions is at your service! We offer flexible and affordable marketing packages to boost your visibility, increase your ROI and get a tremendous spike in new patients.

Higher rankings mean more targeted leads and conversions. Let us help you take your practice to the top!

Call us at 1-888-292-1147 to get started on an SEO plan that sets you up for success.