In the crowded world of medical marketing, it isn’t always easy to make your clinic stand out from your competitors. Statistics show that 80% of patients turn to Google before making a decision on which doctor to choose. Safe to say, if you haven’t created a strong online presence, these patients won’t even know you exist. 

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Optimize Your Website for Valuable Keywords

More often than not, your website is the first point of contact with potential customers. How will they find you?

Through Google!

You need to use intent-oriented keywords to capture valuable leads; leads that have a stronger potential to turn into customers!

This calls for a strategic keyword plan that takes into account the search terms that patients are searching for in your industry. Remember, your competitors will have a very strong SEO strategy of their own. To stand out, you have to use these keywords wisely and also leverage other on-page SEO strategies to your advantage. 

Going the extra mile makes all the difference. 

Leverage Social Media to Your Benefit

Social media isn’t just for creative or corporate firms. If used smartly, it can even be a very powerful tool for your medical clinic. 

Not only is it inexpensive, you can connect with new patients, answer queries from existing ones and establish a very strong presence as a thought leader in the industry. 

Whether you talk about your services, post general healthcare tips, connect with major health organizations that people recognize and respect or put up social-media-specific promotions, you’re already doing way more to attract new patients. 

Prospects want to know that you are accessible, transparent and that they can trust you. Social media is a great way to show this side off, coaxing people to share your content and potentially grow your patient base that much more!

Request Online Reviews

It’s true. Patients trust other patients.

Especially when it comes to medical treatments, patients are naturally very wary before putting down their money and entrusting their health to someone. 

Most patients read Google reviews of your clinic to understand the type of experience they can come to expect with you. 

It’s important to respond to negative and positive reviews online to show prospective (and current) patients that you care about their opinion. This is also a great way to weed out the weak links in your practice and strengthen them. 

When new patients see that you engage and are responsive, this builds trust in their mind, making them all the more likely to give your clinic a chance!

It’s always great to keep encouraging your patients to leave a review. Follow this up with a thank you email or a special incentive for those who did take the time to do so. 

Ready to Take Your Medical Practice to the Top?

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