On this final episode of season 2 of Turbo Charged MD, we will discuss the cycle of taking a cold prospect, converting them into a new patient and ultimately a raving fan. Many private pay medical practices offer life changing treatments and programs. While investing in cutting-edge technologies and offering a selection of services that makes your practice unique, you need a constant influx of new patients while retaining your existing patients for a profitable practice. On this episode we will discuss:Front End Strategies

  • Attracting Interest
  • Capturing Leads
  • Nurturing Leads
  • Converting Sales

Back End Execution

  • Delivering the WOW factor
  • Upselling 
  • Getting Referrals

Getting them in the door can be challenging.  Keeping them is a completely different skill set.  For further information on how to master your practice processes, call us at 888-292-1147 or visit us at www.medicalmarketingsolution.com