On this episode of Turbo Charged MD, Rich Force, CEO of Medical Marketing Solutions interviews Dr. Kim Crawford, Quadruple Board Certified Physician in Internal, Sports, Preventative and Anti-Aging Medicine, on the opportunity to derive additional practice revenue with the Pharmanex BioPhotonic Scanner Program. In our interview, Dr. Crawford addresses the following:

How does Raman spectroscopy work/how accurate is this scanner?
Raman spectroscopy uses a focused beam of visible green light, directed into the palm of the hand, where carotenoids layer out. Those carotenoids rotate the green light into blue light which is then calculated (quantified) by the scanner. This non-invasive measurement is more accurate than a blood test.

How much does a scan cost the patient?
You can decide what you want to charge. Most practices charge $20 per scan.

How much do the supplements cost?
We have packages from as little as $30/month to the premium package of $300/month. The average Functional practice patient tends to be a higher-end.

Does this involve my staff?
Usually, it involves the receptionist, nurse, and office manager, yes. In small concierge practices where the doctor does his/her own scanning; it can just be “you.”

Who trains my staff?
I will send a downloadable training package that includes the instructional videos I have produced, documents, flow charts, and everything you need to get your staff started. I will then personally get on the phone with your staff to review procedures, word tracking, as well as website use, and so on.I have been approached by other reps-why should I do this with you? We’re fun!. We don’t charge for training; unlike the other folks trying to do this program. My medical expertise may also be of value to you. Lastly, my training program is a copyrighted program my partner and I created, which is not available to others. It has been shown to significantly increase office revenue production compared to the voice coaching only method employed by others.

What kind of money are we talking about?
If you do 4 scans per day, 5 days per week and 2 of the 4 patients say “yes” to going on supplements, it will take you 10 weeks to place 100 patients on supplements; with an average Functional medicine practice price of $150/month. That will then yield you $6000 per month revenue; and that doesn’t even include scan fees!

I feel funny about selling something to patients-why is this different?
National statistics show that 75% of your patients have tried an MVI sometime during the past year. Right now, due to COVID, sales are even higher, as patients try to boost their immune systems. The scanner allows you to measure. The supplements are $-back guaranteed by the company. Why should large companies profit from selling poor quality supplements when you are the one caring for your patients, not them?

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